Lloyd was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He did a great job of explaining all things to me. The hearing aids are expensive and I am reviewing them independently. No pressure sale!
Ray Pinkerton, on Google
I like how Lloyd patiently explains what he is doing. If it is cleaning my ears or working on my hearing aids he always takes the time to tell me what he is doing. The receptionist is courteous and personable. (Sorry I forgot her name!)
Sharon DeGasperi, on Google
I have been taking my Mom too New Sound Hearing for years. One day when I was there Dr. Lloyd asked me when was the last time you had a hearing test. I was kinda shocked because I thought I can hear just fine. I was so wrong about that. I found out I couldn’t hear as well as I thought. I got my hearing aids about 5 years ago and now I can hear things I never heard before. There are people just like me out there thinking I can hear but unlike your sight or having a toothache which you can feel it. You know let me get this fixed. With hearing loss you’re not aware of anything going on with your hearing. This is why it is so important to get your hearing tested. I recommend New Sound Hearing right here in Brenham. Lloyd Barker and his staff are the best. A friendly environment and when I leave I feel and know that I am cared for.
Donna Pavlock, on Google
Dr. Barker is awesome!! He is passionate about his work and very knowledgeable. He truly wants to help people!!! I highly recommend him.
Ada Morales, on Google
I want to recommend New Sound Hearing in Brenham , TX most highly. Their audiologist Lloyd is absolutely the best you can have for finding appropriate hearing aids. His careful personalized care is exactly right. And I especially want to say that his assistant and office manager Melauday is truly the best support the New Sound people cd have. She makes everything work as far as appointments and business , and keeps a necessary flexibility present in all dealings. Just recently, I had a problem w one of my new hearing aids. Lloyd was out of the office on vacation. And I was on the verge of business traveling out of state for one month, and I desperately needed help to get the hearing aids working. Melauday w found another audiologist to help me and also made sure I had all the necessary travel equipment and chargers, as well as making sure I cd contact hearing aid support while away. Alleviated my worries and helped me feel safer in my travels.
Mark Balas, on Google

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